Happiness Gurukul is a lifestyle coaching platform – where the focus is on balancing the
three pillars of the Happiness Tripod – Breath, Sleep and Mind, clicking away
a happy picture of YOU every day.

Through my Workshops, Podcasts, Book and Blogs, I aim to spread – Happiness.

– Shruti Maheshwari, Happiness Gurukul


The Happiness Tripod


Stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, food binge, self-pity. Haven’t you had enough of this roller-coaster? Your superpower exists within each breath. With conscious Breathwork, you can activate a new state of consciousness. When you allow your breath to guide your life’s journey, everything changes.


Ever heard the term ‘Sleep like a baby’? A baby sleeps without stress, happy and oblivious to the worries of life. Positive emotions are conducive to improved sleep, and better quality sleep leads to positive emotions; a cycle which can be turned from vicious to virtuous with Sophrology.


Learn about Sage Maharishi Patanjali’s way of life through the Eightfold Path of Ashtanga Yoga, an ancient prescription from the 196 Yoga Sutras, on how to live a purposeful and meaningful life. Eight Limbs are Yamas, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyan and Samadhi.

What We Do

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Who Am I

Shruti Maheshwari

After 15 years of a successful stint as a fashion and events designer, I embarked on a journey of looking for myself, and in the process transforming myself and helping transform others. I found my happiness in the heady concoction of emotions, sleep and fitness.

Mind and body is one unit. While Fitness to me means a healthy and disease-free life, ample Sleep is the fuel in your engine, and Emotional wellbeing is the bedrock of the smile on your face.

I’m on a path of self discovery of true happiness.
Join me.

Let’s find our better selves.
Let's become our version 2.0.

Happiness Blog

Healthy Gut, Happy Mind

At one time, our digestive system was considered a simple body system comprising the mantra eat-digest-excrete-repeat. But with millennials leading fast and stressful lives and eating things that might not even qualify as being called 'food', things are no longer that simple.

Happiness Podcast

What if you wake up everyday with a new desire and purpose of life?
What if you feel inner sense of joy all day long?
What if you have total freedom from any negative thoughts?
What if you have the best physical health and a body of your dreams?
What if everyone around you gets inspired by you and wants to become like you?
What if you have full control over your life?
What if you are bold, fearless and compassionate at the same time?

What would you do in life if you have all of above???

Let’s find out together.

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What People Say About Me

The workshop has taught me some great new habits that I would surely inculcate in my routine to be a better version of me. Thank you for giving us your time and being so understanding through out. Will definitely implement your learnings and get back to you with the results which I’m sure would be great.
Thank you for everything again!

Apurvaa Malik, NIFT Delhi

Apurvaa Malik, NIFT Delhi

As a student you always think that this is how a student life is – late night assignments, irregular eating, no time for yourself and a lot of stress but that’s not how it works. After joining this session, I got to know how to manage myself, letting go of things, keeping myself a priority and now the results are astonishing.
Thanks for an amazing and insightful session!!!

Rahul Pratap Singh, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi

Rahul Pratap Singh, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi

Shruti, a designer herself, who is now on a quest of spreading happiness and awareness about mental health, conducted a workshop at NIFT Kannur for 3 days for the students of Masters in Design Department.

Indeed, it was a HAPPINESS project!

Department of Design Space (DoDS), NIFT Kannur

Department of Design Space (DoDS), NIFT Kannur

My New Book

The Happiness Tripod

Life mastery is achieved by balancing all interdependent pillars of Happiness Tripod of living - Breath, Sleep and Mind. In my latest book, I aim to walk you through a journey of self-discovery where we transverse through levels of the mind and try to achieve endless happiness.

Coming Soon...