Shruti, a designer herself, who is now on a quest of spreading happiness and awareness about mental health, conducted a workshop at NIFT Kannur for 3 days for the students of Masters in Design Department. The session used to start at 8am and lasted till 12noon. 4hrs full of wonderful talks and insights.

Day 1 itself was a very interactive session wherein we learnt “Be happy for no reason.”
Day 2 was again a peaceful session under which we practiced mindfulness and did some relaxing activities to get rid of negative thoughts.

Day 3 was story sharing session in which various students shared their life experiences and stories that were empowering and brave.

We thoroughly enjoyed her workshop.

Indeed, it was HAPPINESS project.

Department of Design Space (DoDS), NIFT Kannur<br><br><br><br><br>

Department of Design Space (DoDS), NIFT Kannur

I am grateful that you were chosen to speak with us and certainly hoped that this happens again, even if it’s on an online platform. You not only engaged the entire group of students but also connected with us at our level of understanding the subject: Happiness. You took the time to understand us and deliver the virtual sessions which were not only inspirational but also enjoyable and interactive. Your gift of listening and responding so articulately made you one of my favourite speakers.

Happiness is something which we can’t describe in words- it can only be felt from within. The long lasting true happiness comes from life experience, a feeling of purpose and a positive relationship. The activity- ‘Plan your day’ certainly got me thinking of the amount of time I could use doing something constructive and productive that makes me happy and feel purposeful. The activity – ‘Candle Gazing Meditation’ brought my mind so much calmness and relaxation and thus has been in my to-do list since then. The activity ‘Vision Board’ really brought things into perspective. I sat down and actually wrote down my life goals and things I would want to improve in me and think of ways in which I can contribute back to the society.

Sessions like these should be held every week.
Thank you for the positive affirmations you breathed into us.

Swarnima Dwivedi, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Kannur<br><br><br><br><br>

Swarnima Dwivedi, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Kannur

Powerful session to bring out Happiness!!!
I was so lost in my daily work that I never realised that I have a present too. I was not living in the present but always focussed on the future. When I took your class, I realised how much less time I am giving to myself and my family and how much I am losing every day in my life. I was consumed with my daily stress, fatigue, tension & I didn’t know how to handle the pressure and how to relax myself.

You took class only for 3 days but in those 3 days I have felt that there is more to my life apart from the assignments that we do and we should also take care of ourselves in timely manner.

You helped me to clear out my thoughts, to burn away my weaknesses and relax my mind.A very informative and helpful session of life which taught me that we should have our ‘why’ and we should be clear about it, why we want to do something and what impact it will make. It helped me to know myself in a better way and what I should do to pave my way to lead a successful life. I will try my best to follow at least half of the things and increase them gradually in future.

Thank you so much Shruti for guiding us so beautifully!

Swapna Jagdishia, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Kannur<br><br><br><br><br>

Swapna Jagdishia, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Kannur

Thank you so much ma’am. It was really a good workshop. I learned many things, and I will surely add those in my routine.

Deepti Chourasia, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi<br><br><br><br><br>

Deepti Chourasia, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi

Thank you so much ma’am for the wonderful workshop. Got to learn a lot. I really enjoyed it, and I appreciate that you made it more fun. I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues.

Shreya, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi

The three days have really taught me small things that I never thought of. I even discussed few of the takeaways with my family yesterday. Thank you so much. If there are sessions in the future wherein we could enroll please do let us know.

Sonia, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi

The workshop has taught me some great new habits that I would surely inculcate in my routine to be a better version of me. Thank you for giving us your time and being so understanding through out. Will definitely implement your learnings and get back to you with the results which I’m sure would be great. Thank you for everything again!

Apurvaa Malik, NIFT Delhi<br><br><br><br><br>

Apurvaa Malik, NIFT Delhi

This was like an eye opener for me. I have always struggled in keeping up and leading a life like this and just needed that guidance from someone and I am really glad that this workshop happened.

I will be true to myself and keep strict rules so that I can be in my best shape tomorrow. Looking really forward to grow.

Had an amazing time and love the positive energy. Thank you so much.

I wish you very good luck on your venture and journey. Hope you inspire more people!

Sisa Cassiopeia B. Sangma, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi<br><br><br><br><br>

Sisa Cassiopeia B. Sangma, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi

As a student you always think that this is how a student life is – late night assignments, irregular eating, no time for yourself and a lot of stress but that’s not how it works. After joining this session, I got to know how to manage myself, letting go of things, keeping myself a priority and now the results are astonishing.
Thanks for an amazing and insightful session!!!

Rahul Pratap Singh, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi<br><br><br><br><br>

Rahul Pratap Singh, M.Des’20-22, NIFT Delhi