I am grateful that you were chosen to speak with us and certainly hoped that this happens again, even if it’s on an online platform. You not only engaged the entire group of students but also connected with us at our level of understanding the subject: Happiness. You took the time to understand us and deliver the virtual sessions which were not only inspirational but also enjoyable and interactive. Your gift of listening and responding so articulately made you one of my favourite speakers.

Happiness is something which we can’t describe in words- it can only be felt from within. The long lasting true happiness comes from life experience, a feeling of purpose and a positive relationship. The activity- ‘Plan your day’ certainly got me thinking of the amount of time I could use doing something constructive and productive that makes me happy and feel purposeful. The activity – ‘Candle Gazing Meditation’ brought my mind so much calmness and relaxation and thus has been in my to-do list since then. The activity ‘Vision Board’ really brought things into perspective. I sat down and actually wrote down my life goals and things I would want to improve in me and think of ways in which I can contribute back to the society.

Sessions like these should be held every week.
Thank you for the positive affirmations you breathed into us.