What are the sources of Happiness?

Human psychology is weird or, should I say, shallow. One would think winning a prestigious award, or finally owning your dream car, or getting the much-awaited raise would make you happy long term. NO. Although the thrill lasts for some time but not very long. It makes us happy for some time, but we soon return to our old comfortable baseline and look for something new.

So, how DOES one actually become happy long-term, in a sustainable manner? Let us discuss some myths and facts about long-term happiness. 

Let us do away with some Myths:

  • Money – one of the biggest myths. Money makes you happy but is it lasting? It is a factor which contributes to your happiness but for how long? What amount is enough? Jeff Bezos is still earning despite being the richest man. So how much enough? Is it giving you deep satisfaction? Money does create stress as it comes with a constant worry about work, the source of the money, and the need to keep generating similar income.
  • Relationship – if you have found your soul mate and are in a healthy long-term relationship, it is fantastic. That does not mean if you are single, you are unhappy. It is better to be single and happy than be forced into a relationship, leading to heartbreaks and depression.
  • Physical beauty – social media has added a lot of pressure on today’s generation to look their best always. Remember the famous quote, ‘Beauty lays deep within’. A beautiful person inside is bound to be a lovely person outside. 
  • Age – is just a number, and happiness does not decline with age. Studies prove that seniors experience more positive emotions and fewer negative emotions. 
  • Bucket List – “once I tick off this from my bucket list, I will be very happy.” Again as mentioned earlier, it is short-term, and you will return to your baseline happiness soon and crave for something more. 

Facts of real source of happiness:

  • Positivity – or being optimistic. No one can predict how your life will pan out. Everyone strives to be happy, and it is in your hands. When you believe in your ability to achieve what you have set out to achieve and what you want from life, you will try harder to make it work. Optimism makes you enjoy the journey and makes you want to look forward to a new day.
  • Standard of living – is very subjective. For example, a Mercedes or a Santro both serve the purpose of transporting you from one place to another. It is based on what you are looking for from life and not what people are trying to sell you. Take time to truly understand how much will make you happy and see the difference.
  • Pursue hobby – to create a sense of relaxation and enjoyment. What activity or hobby will bring a smile to your face? Answer that question, and you have your happiness.
  • Networking – not social network but being in touch and spending time with real friends and family. That is true happiness and much better than having 100s of friends on social media, most of whom you know only via glamorous photos on those platforms.
  • Discover your purpose – an essential part of your life. It would be best if you found time to find a true purpose in life and pursued that. Finding your purpose and following it will bring joy to your life.
  • Health – no amount of money can save you from pain and grief if your health does not support you. In pursuing your standard of living, health is forgotten, and when you realize, it is too late. Remember ‘Health is wealth’ and a healthy person with a healthy mind is a happy person!!