Part-1 | For Powerful Day & Restful Sleep!


On 27th Jan 2023 | Sunday | 9-11 am

Happiness is not out there, it is in YOU. Your internal World decides your external World. You manifest what you believe in. You have to be the one who takes charge of your life and turns it into a masterpiece. Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Who can attend ?
Anyone who is –

    • Enthusiastic about reaching peak fitness, physically & mentally
    • Eager to have practical & handy ways to feel stress free
    • Ready for powerful transformation

Objective of the Workshop

    • To initiate your journey of complete Mind Mastery
    • To equip you with scientific & spiritual tools & techniques to create your Version 2
    • To empower you how to reset and retune yourself to feel happy for no reason

Highlights of the Workshop

    • Set your circadian Rhythm
    • Fire your fear, Find your Why
    • Heal your Gut for Happy Hormones
    • Experience ‘Trataka’ Meditation
    • Know ‘Yamas’ & ‘Niyamas’ of Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali to lead a beautiful life

What will be your key take-aways?

    • Mastering your day by making it more productive, energetic & stress free
    • Understanding Mind-Body-Sleep connection for quality sleep everyday
    • Feeling of freedom, peace & inner joy
    • Knowing how to help yourself & self-heal
    • Raising your Happiness quotient

“I am on a path to modernising ancient Indian wisdom in a way that it is meaningful, easily applicable and result oriented for each and everyone of us.

Join me.

Let’s find our better selves. Let’s become our Version 2.0.”

– Shruti Maheshwari

Disclaimer – This Workshop is not a treatment for any mental illnesses or sleep related problems like Sleep Apnea. Those seeking any medical help may continue doing so and take this Workshop as alternate healing methodology to enhance their quality of life.