Announcing a complimentary Workshop for Covid Impacted People!


From 12th July | Daily 1hr | 4-5pm | Mon-Fri

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Complimentary Offer*

Who can attend –

  • People with mild Covid symptoms
  • People recovering from Covid
  • Anyone feeling unwell for a long period

Objective of the Workshop

  • To empower the quarantined mild Covid fighters to bounce back from Covid through Mind Mastery.
  • To equip them with scientific & spiritual tools & techniques of Happiness so that they may cope up with side effects & consequences of the unpredictable illness and come out of it stronger & happier.

Mind & Body is one unit. Lets train our mind so that the body responds faster & more effectively.
Lets create magic !

Features of the Workshop

  • FREE recurring weekly program. Can be joined any day of the week.
  • Rejuvenating 1hr with many others. Can be attended comfortably while you are sitting or lying down in the comfort of your bed.
  • No rules – let Happiness be the winner.

Your Happiness Journey – let’s start, here and now.

Your Happiness Journey – let’s start, here and now.

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Daywise Topic Details

Day 1 | Monday


  • Introduction to the Topic – Happiness
  • Master your Day by strengthening your Circadian Rhythm
  • Heal through the Night with Reflection & Relaxation Techniques
  • Q&A (10 mins)

Day 2 | Tuesday


  • Mind Body Relationship
  • Stress Management
  • Say bye to Insomnia & Sleep like a Baby
  • Q&A (10 mins)

Day 3 | Wednesday


  • Inner Image Re-engineering
  • Become BOSS of your Mind with Mindfulness
  • How to create Mental Movies to achieve what you aspire
  • Q&A (10 mins)

Day 4 | Thursday


  • Find instant joy with Breathwork
  • Train the Monkey Mind with Meditation
  • Yoga for Mind (Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali contain 196 Sutras: we will learn ‘Yamas’ & ‘Niyamas’ (do’s and don’ts) to lead a lifestyle of peace, eternal joy & liberation)
  • Q&A (10 mins)

Day 5 | Friday


  • Nutrition for Immunity & Gut Health
  • Humor & Resilience : How to Grin & Bear It
  • ‘Tell your Story’- Stories not only teach us how to act, they inspire us to act. Stories communicate our values through the language of the heart, our emotions. Lets not just simply know but inspire others with the courage to act. (Sharing Time)
  • Q&A (10 mins)

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Disclaimer – This workshop is not a treatment of Covid. Its objective is to help Covid impacted people to strengthen their mind-body through stress management & meditation techniques to overcome negative stress of Covid and attempt to heal the body faster.