Are you tired of counting sheep? Or staring at the fan? Or counting the cracks or spots in the ceiling? … And sleep still eludes?

The ramification of sleep disorders can be severe (like we read in the blog “Sleep Disorder which one and why”).  If the problem occurs once in a way it is okay, but if its persistent, then its time to start making those much need adjustments before the disorder gets chronic and you need to start taking medication.

Act now!

There are some natural remedies which can help all kinds of sleep disorders and some which are problem specific. Let us start with common remedies which should work for all:

  • Exercise – As said earlier this has to become a part of your daily routine no matter what!
  • Meditation – Mindful meditation consists of slow steady breathing where you observe your breath, body, thoughts and sensation rise and pass. Meditation is known to improve sleep patterns. You can meditate anytime and anywhere and as often as you like.
  • Yoga – The innumerable benefits of yoga have a positive effect on sleep quality. They are known to reduce stress, improve physical functioning and boost mental focus. 20 minutes of yoga everyday can do wonders.
  • Avoid – Products that disrupt sleep like caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, must be used at a minimal level.


Problem specific remedies:

  • Insomnia – 
    • Get a massage to relax your body
    • Lavender oil on your pillow for relaxation
    • Eat light meals for dinner
    • Get to bed only when tired
  • Sleep Apnea – 
    • Maintain healthy weight
    • Alter sleep position
    • Use a humidifier
    • Oral appliances which helps open up airways
  • Hypersomnia – 
    • Create a peaceful sleeping environment
    • Avoid medicines which cause drowsiness
    • Avoid late nights
  • Restless Leg Syndrome/Jet leg syndrome – 
    • Soak your leg in warm water before bed
    • Apply warm/cool packs to your legs
    • Use foot wraps designed for Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Parasomnia – 
    • Keep a regular sleep –wake schedule
    • Get a full night’s sleep
  • Narcolepsy – 
    • Scheduled napping
    • No screen time before sleep
    • Eat healthy
    • Regular intake of Vitamin D

Remember – Early to bed, Early to rise, make you Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Wise!!