Refund Policy
Happiness Gurukul offers a 100% money back guarantee only incase the workshop enrolled for is canceled due to any reason.
For various unforeseen events, in case any of the workshop days are postponed with advanced notice to participants, the same would be accommodated in coming weeks. There would not be any refund for the same.
Once a participant enrolls for the workshop by paying the course fee and is not able to attend the same, there would not be any refund made. However, he/she can be accommodated in the next workshop to experience the course.

All Happiness Gurukul subscriptions made online at Happiness, except gift purchases, renew automatically using the payment details on file for your account. If you purchase a subscription with the automatic renewal feature, you agree that we are authorized to use the payment information on file to charge the renewal fee.
The date of automatic renewal of your subscription is shown on your Membership page and in the payment confirmation email sent after your initial purchase. You may cancel the automatic renewal feature at any time before the renewal date by following the instructions on your Membership page or by contacting our Customer Service team. Additionally, for annual subscriptions, we will refund renewal payments in full if you contact our us within 7 days after the renewal payment is made. We do not offer refunds for renewal payments for monthly subscriptions after the monthly subscription fee has been charged to your account.
If you signed up for our services using a promotion discount, fees for your renewal may be higher than your initial rate. Please refer to your Membership page or the confirmation email sent after your initial purchase for details regarding the renewal amount and the date of the next renewal.

Price Increases
Our prices may change in the future. We will notify you at the time of any price change and provide you an opportunity to change or cancel your subscription before applying those changes to your account or changing your payment details in connection with an automatic renewal.

Payment Information
By providing payment information to us, you represent that the payment information is accurate, current and in your own name or in the name of an individual who has authorized you to use his or her payment information for your subscription purchase.
If you provide someone else’s payment information, you agree that we may make a refund to that person if he or she so requests and if the account is eligible for a refund under our Payment Policy. This may cause interruption to or termination of your Happiness Gurukul Services.