Part-1 | Beginner to Intermediate Level


On 13th March | Sunday | 9-11 am

Who can attend ?
Anyone who is –

    • Struggling with sleep
    • Eager to learn how to quickly manage stress on daily basis
    • Seeking happiness and inner sense of freedom
    • Looking to enhance overall physical health
    • Excited to experience self-love and start a transformative health journey from today

About Breathwork

    • Breathwork is trendy right now, but it’s not new. People have been practicing breathwork for thousands of years, and it has roots in yoga practice.
    • Have you ever observed an infant breathing? That is the correct way of breathing. But as we grow older, we start breathing shallow, that effects our mind-body relationship and leads to various mental problems like stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances, chronic insomnia; and physical problems related to digestion, metabolism and unexplainable fatigue at times.
    • Regular practice of breathing techniques, even for 5-10 mins a day, can help relax and calm down mind. And when that happens, body starts to heal on its own. We are already whole and complete and have an inbuilt infinite power to heal ourselves, that is truly MAGICAL yet true.

What will be your key take-aways?

    • Re-tuning of your breath- the essence of life
    • Learning easy & quick techniques to know how to manage your stress & sleep daily
    • Raising your happiness quotient

Let’s breakthrough with breathwork!


Disclaimer – This Workshop is not a treatment for any breathing related illnesses like Asthma or sleep related problems like Sleep Apnea. Those seeking any medical help may continue doing so and take this Workshop as alternate healing methodology to enhance their quality of life.